Customer Reviews and Feedback

Got my dogs groomed at dog island city. Andrea is a great groomer! They look really cute!


Having brought my dog all over LIC, Dog Island City has the best groomers in this area for sure. My dog comes back so wonderful and without any irritation. All the staff are knowledgeable and friendly and the results speak for themselves. Well worth the money.


Took my dog here to be groomed and I cannot recommend the place enough! Lidia was accommodating of my busy schedule, and her pricing is really fair. My dog was here for a full day, I dropped her off before work and picked up after. She is all clean and cute and cuddly. She is a border collie and her hair was quiet long, so it must have been a lot of work!


The staff here are very welcoming & did a great job grooming my little Yorkie puppy. I almost cried when I saw how gorgeous he looked! It was his first time being groomed, as he's not even five months yet. I know he does stay calm when I wash, comb, and brush him at home, so I'm sure it was a difficult job. They took their time to make sure he looked great, & I really appreciated that they communicated up front that it would likely take a long while bc they would go slow with him so he wouldn't get too stressed. Also, I appreciate that they took time to discuss grooming at home, as my spouse and I are first-time pet owners. Lastly, I asked if I should come back in a month, which I thought was the frequency with which I should groom him, and instead of taking advantage of that and getting me in sooner to make more money, they were honest about the necessary frequency being 1.5-2x what I thought. They explained I shouldn't need to go in so often as long as I do well with the home grooming that they explained. We're definitely coming back, & I for sure recommend this place to others.


I have been taking my two mini schnauzers to Dog Island City for grooming for the past year. The groomers always achieve the desired look for my pups and thoroughly clean and de-mat them. Andrea did an amazing with them this past Friday. They are also one of the more affordable options in Long Island City. I highly recommend them.


Got us in right away and the groomer was super friendly. The coat was cut a little uneven but overall they did a great job with our mini labradoodle Milo. Definitely show a picture of what you want beforehand. Will definitely be back!


I am a recent transplant from Center Blvd to the Court Sq area. I have been going to Pooches for years & years but now I am a bit too far away to drop off my little guy there now. I found Dog Island City with the help of doing a quick google search and asking around fellow dog parents. My wife and i decided to give it a shot due to the great reviews online, word of mouth and on top of that they are very close to my apartment. I was sad that we had to stop bringing our dog to Pooches because he has made so many friends there. We were slightly nervous about the transition and for him to start all over again. Well he immediately fooled us, he loves going there and couldn't be happier. Lidia sends us pics and videos of him playing with his new friends which brings a smile to our faces. We have even received pics of him sleeping on the same bed with other big dogs which is a great step in the right direction for our dog not being afraid of dogs that are bigger than him. He really loves being there and gets excited whenever we are walking in that direction. The staff has been fantastic with our dog Iggy and couldn't be happier to see our little guy getting along and having fun with his new friends. We have also started to get him groomed there as well. I have no complaints at all. He comes back looking like a million dollars and smelling great. Most of the time when we pic him up at the end of our day he's tired and pooped out which means he had a fun and busy day. Glad to have Dog Island City in L.I.C


Great experience! Have used a few different groomers in the area for Hugo and this was great. Our cockapoo can have tricky hair to trim but we are so happy with this grooming service, it’s the perfect length for summer. Would highly recommend in LIC area.


I really like this place. They charge good price and they are very flexible to your requests. I always leave my dog there when I go to office or have them walk my dog.